Our story

Making generosity easy

Our team wanted to find a way to make a significant impact on poverty by making daily generosity possible. As business owners ourselves, we’re so excited about making this happen through local businesses, their customers, charities and corporates all working together to pay it forward for a better future.

Scaling generosity

We believe we can meet so much more need if we use technology to enable scale. Imagine if generosity was just a click of a button away. Well now it is.

Meet the team

A dedicated team who help you pay it forward for a better future

Rohan McCloskey

You'll find Rohan fishing, surfing, spending time with his family, or in one of his beautiful restaurants that he owns and operates.

When we asked him about his ‘why’ behind GoGenerosity, he said:

“The idea of GoGenerosity was sparked and came to life during our Covid-19 lockdown. I started to see that there was a real need for breaking down the barrier for everyday people giving to those who need it most. I also started to see that charities needed access to more products & resources. Now, through generous people paying it forward & smart technology, charities can get access to more resources to best help the people they support.

GoGenerosity combines two of my passions, seeing businesses succeed & being able to help people, and that’s what we’re all about."

Ben Rolfe
Operations Manager

He loves spending time with his wife Emma, hanging out with friends and family, and being out on the water surfing or sailing.

When we asked him about his ‘why’ behind GoGenerosity he said;

“GoGenerosity is more than a job; it’s a calling. There is nothing more fulfilling than being a part of meeting real needs while paving the way for a brighter future!”

Aidan Lett

He’s a lover of family, the ocean, the outdoors, and a good book or movie.

When we asked him about his 'why' behind GoGenerosity he said;

“GoGenerosity is a combination of my passion for scalable business and meeting the needs of our community. It's so awesome to see local people fed, clothed and cared for through the generosity of our local community, business and charity partners. I love that by bringing together many small acts of generosity, we can have a big impact on those in need.”

Zoe Davis
Social Media Manager

She’s been with us from the early days, hailing from Mount Maunganui but has since jumped the ditch and is living it up in Sydney. You’ll find her creating art, exploring NSW or cafe hopping in search of Sydney’s best oat latte.

When we asked him about his ‘why’ behind GoGenerosity he said;

"I love that GoGenerosity has the potential to impact communities, cities, and even nations in a really significant way. It’s an honour to be a part of a team of people who genuinely want to champion local businesses and charities, and unlock generosity in a new and innovative way. We’ve got big dreams, but I have no doubt that we will reach them!"

James Wood
Business Manager

You'll catch him on the green playing a round of golf, in the ocean, or playing sport with his mates.

When we asked him about his ‘why’ behind GoGenerosity he said;

“GoGenerosity was an easy decision for me - having the opportunity to be involved with a purpose driven, globally scalable business so early on in my career was a no brainer. The cherry on top is being able to make a visible impact in our communities around New Zealand and overseas.”

Andy Fuller
Marketing Coordinator

Find him adventuring around New Zealand with his wife Renee; camping, surfing, and skating.

When we asked him about his ‘why’ behind GoGenerosity he said;

"The first time Rohan explained GoGenerosity’s values and goals, I was sold. GoGenerosity exists to help meet the need. I see the difference they are making in my local community and can see their potential to change the world."

Matt Archer
Technical Consultant

"One of the things I get passionate about is the intersection where people who are skilled in business find a tangible way to help others. GoGenerosity has defined a way to achieve this, by building a backbone of scalable technology to make all the processes involved easy and accessible to everyone. Our platform has the power to change people’s lives, strengthen communities and bring a new level of generosity across the country."