Adrian loves the water - surfing and diving for food with his sons are his go-to's. He also loves spending time learning new basslines every now and then.


Most of Adrians career has been spent in Sales and Marketing roles while more recently he's invested in tech companies and is a partner in an athlete management company, all of which he loves.


Why GoGenerosity? 

"I am here today because of the generosity of so many people I've met throughout my life. One guy I worked for when I had a young family decided one day to buy us a car..........totally blew us away!! I've experienced first hand the impact of peoples generosity toward me and as a result am asking myself every day how can I "pay it forward" to others. Here's what I've learned, as good as it is to be on the receiving end of others generosity, it feels just as good, often even better on the giving side. GoGenerosity is an enabler of "pay-it-forward" for anyone who buys a product or service, and that's a powerful thing in my opinion. The mundane activity of buying a coffee, TV, pair of shoes, groceries, fuel, turns into a life giving act of generosity for those in our local communities who are feeling the pinch of life. Pretty cool if you ask me!"