Spending time with his wife and kids in the mountains or on the water. You'll also find him in his garden at home and in the kitchen cooking.


Paul's spent his career focused on growing partnerships and building great sales teams, all in tech-focused companies, the most recent being SwipedOn and LawVu.


Why GoGenerosity? 

"Working with great people in startup's is a lot of fun. In Tech, I've had some exhilarating and hair raising experiences all the while having the opportunity to build some great memories. Very few of these companies have had a mission for greater social, economic, educational impact and change. For me personally, moving at a rapid pace you often loose sight of the good and the world around you to achieve a number. My yes to GoGenerosity is because of its model's focus, it's circular in nature. The business model see's all of the customers, businesses and those in need grow due to the simple act of generosity. As a business we're enabling all our customers to meet need in their local and international communities. With GoGenerosity all of our customers experience impact, change and growth through the companies very existence."