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Where cart conversion and social good meet

GoGenerosity's Shopify integration makes it easy to increase your revenue and customer retention, while having a social good impact.

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"We chose to partner with Gogenerosity as their model allowed us to scale our social impact. They have a super user-friendly platform, that is easy to implement and for charities to redeem. GoGenerosity allows us to amplify our donations by applying their learnings and creating a seamless experience for our consumers."
"Within our first month, our customers paid forward over $1,200 which proves that people are generous and want easy ways to give. Adding GoGenerosity’s pay-it-forward app to our store was super easy. Once we downloaded the app GoGenerosity took care of everything else. "
"We’ve been blown away by the conversions of pay-it-forward in our cart. Even better, it gives our customers a reason to come back again to see where and how their generosity has had an impact."
Kind Face
more likely for customers to purchase from brands with purpose.
more likely for customers to protect a brand with purpose.
more likely for customers to trust from brands with purpose.

Generosity made easy
with GoGenerosity

In-cart widget for a seamless experience.
Transparency of money flow through a custom Generosity HUB.
Stories from the charity you support, for easy marketing.
Access to a resource HUB that provides everything you need to share your generosity.
We work with certified charities to ensure that your products go to where they are most needed.

Ready to engage your customers and grow your impact?

No lock-in period. Cancel any time (not that you’ll want to).
FOR Shopify
Per store/month
Up To 5,000 Transactions Per Month
Pay-It-Forward Shopify Integration
PIF Management
Generosity HUB
Charity Distribution Management
Website Copy & Social Content
Easy Marketing
Directory Listing
Stories of Generosity
Resource HUB
For Shopify plus
Per store/month
Up To 8,000 Transactions Per Month
All 'For Shopify' Features
CUSTOM Ecommerce
Per store/month
For Shopify customers that receive 8,000 + transactions per month or non Shopify customers that require a custom application.
*Your store needs a minimum of 300 transactions per month.
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