Scaling generosity

December 31, 2020

Often the needs in a community can be too big for just one person, or one charity to meet. GoGenerosity is all about empowering many people to do a little bit, to see a lot of need met. We want to see communities thrive by bringing businesses, customers and charities together to meet the needs of their local community.

We loved hearing about how one of our Business Partners, The Daily Cafe, have set out on a mission to make sure no child in their community goes to school hungry.

“We were excited to hear 6 out of 12 schools in our local Te Puke area received funds from the New Zealand Government to provide lunches for their students. The other 5 schools unfortunately missed out on the initial pilot funding, yet still have so much need. We thought we could be a part of the answer by providing lunches for these local kids through our GoGenerosity pay-it-forward donations. We hope to raise the funds in time for term 1 in 2021 to see all school children in the Te Puke community fed daily.”

GoGenerosity exists to see communities thrive. We know that by many people giving small pay-it-forward donations, a whole community can be impacted. We believe communities all over the world are going to see big needs met through local businesses and their customers.

Written by
Aidan Lett

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