Meeting increasing need

The need on planet earth grows every day. Children go hungry, parents can’t afford to adequately clothe their families, people delay or forego medical treatment and for many, putting a roof over their head is a daily struggle.

During a global pandemic this need has grown and extended beyond traditional poverty lines.

1 in 5

families can only sometimes afford to eat properly


Kiwis are living in poverty


Kiwis identified as severely housing deprived


of kiwi adults reported not visiting the GP due to cost


of Kiwis unable to visit the dentist


Kiwis who lost their jobs in three months to September 2020.

How it works

We live in a one touch world, where people expect every transaction and communication to be easy. That same world also has increasing need and a charitable system that can restrict  generosity, make it hard for businesses to be involved and the impact of generosity invisible to those who give.

We have worked hard to create a platform that empowers and amplifies an ecosystem that already exists, simply by making generosity easier for everyone in the generosity chain:

Get involved


Total meals paid forward so far


Total Beauty treatments paid forward so far


Total haircuts paid forward so far

Thanks to many generous people paying-it-forward, we’ve been able to partner with local charities to help hundreds of local families in need.

Our Partners

We’re able to feed, clothe, provide medicine and care for hundreds of people each month because of partnerships with generous local businesses like these:

“We have been able to make 80 pizzas for our charity partner this month. The team are pumped we’re a part of making a difference for people in need”

Head Chef, Brooklyn Restaurant

Follow the generosity

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Thanks for being our hero's by helping us get generosity to those in need.

Together we can have a huge impact on the standard of living for many of our fellow human beings. Everyone deserves good food, warm clothes and to experience life to its fullest.

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