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"We receive regular petrol vouchers, and they are amazing to be able to give to clients who have to travel a long way to go in for treatment. Often, they are at a time when they are struggling financially, so, to be able to give a $50 petrol voucher is a wonderful way of supporting them. We’re really appreciative of GoGenerosity and Z service stations for providing those vouchers."


Supporter Engagements, Breast Cancer Support Services Tauranga

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‚ÄúWe are so delighted to be part of the Rosie Posy donation scheme and GoGenerosity. Each Christmas we give out approximately 150 Christmas food parcels. We also love being able to provide gifts for everyone. We are finding it is getting more difficult to fill all parcels with gifts, so this will go a wee way to ensuring we can continue doing this. Thank you for providing us the opportunity.‚ÄĚ


Coordinator, Mosgiel Foodbank

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‚ÄúA client who has received a voucher from Honest Skincare has been through quite a tough time whilst going through her breast cancer treatment. Some clients stop working for a while as they can have quite severe reactions to treatment, so when she was offered this voucher, she was very grateful. We wouldn't have been able to offer these vouchers to our clients if it wasn‚Äôt for Honest Skincare going through GoGenerosity, so it‚Äôs very much appreciated by us and by our clients.‚ÄĚ


Supporter Engagements, Breast Cancer Support Services Tauranga