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GoGenerosity's Shopify integration makes it easy to increase your revenue and customer retention, while having a social good impact.

more likely for customers to purchase from brands with purpose.
more likely for customers to protect a brand with purpose.
more likely for customers to trust from brands with purpose.

Generosity made easy
with GoGenerosity

In-cart widget for a seamless experience.
Transparency of money flow through a custom Generosity HUB.
Stories from the charity you support, for easy marketing.
Access to a resource HUB that provides everything you need to share your generosity.
We work with certified charities to ensure that your products go to where they are most needed.

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"Often, people don't think about toiletries, personal care, or cleaning items when they're donating to a food bank, but these are very needed...We love that Cleanery meets our community's needs without burdening them with waste." - Michelle, Fair Food NZ
"Having meat gifted helps at a time when we are facing rising ingredient costs. We are so grateful for this support – it is so nice to feel like we have a village behind us and we are not trying to fill bellies all alone." - Sally Warrender, Bellyful Franklin Branch

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"We chose to partner with GoGenerosity as their model allowed us to scale our social impact. They have a super user-friendly platform, that is easy to implement and for charities to redeem. GoGenerosity allows us to amplify our donations by applying their learnings and creating a seamless experience for our consumers."
"Within our first month, our customers paid forward over $1,200 which proves that people are generous and want easy ways to give. Adding GoGenerosity’s pay-it-forward app to our store was super easy. Once we downloaded the app GoGenerosity took care of everything else. "
"We’ve been blown away by the conversions of pay-it-forward in our cart. Even better, it gives our customers a reason to come back again to see where and how their generosity has had an impact."
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