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Generosity made easy.

GoGenerosity was created to enable and amplify a generosity supply chain that already exists.

When we enable individuals to be generous in small amounts and businesses to easily get involved, this gives charities access to  goods and services to help meet needs in our local community.

How it works

Step 1

Top up your bill

Simply top up your bill with your chosen amount at your favourite restaurant, hairdresser or doctor who display the GoGenerosity “Pay it Forward” logo.

Step 2

Business pays your generosity forward

That business pools your generosity together with others' and pays forward your generosity in the form of the goods or services they produce as part of normal business operations.

Step 3

Charity partners distribute goods & services

Charities know where the need is and how to get it to the right place, so they simply collect the goods and services and get them to those who are doing it tough.

Now your small act of kindness has a big impact on the need in your local community.




paid-forward to people in need


women pampered


meals provided


kids clothed

GoGenerosity SVG Logo


people impacted


haircuts provided


Tonnes of Fuel provided

Person smiling


Tonnes of Fuel provided


practical workshops


vehicles fuelled


Tonnes of Fuel provided

Our Impact

For businesses

GoGenerosity is built around the idea that businesses want to be generous, but that takes spare time and money. When we enable local business to be part of the generosity ecosystem, together we can have a huge impact.

Generosity is now easy for businesses.

Make a difference

With our simple pay it forward model your customers can help you help our community.

Team engagement

Give your team an extended sense of purpose and another reason to love work.

Increased revenue

GoGenerosity donations are treated as sales revenue through your books.

Engaged customers

Keep customers engaged with your business by sharing your stories of generosity and showing them how together, you made a difference.

Aquisition and retention

Attract new customers and retain existing customers through showing  you’re generous and enabling them to be part of your generosity story.

A mark of trust

When customers see the GoGenerosity brand next to yours, they know you’re part of a movement to do good.

Make generosity easy

If you’d like to hear more about how GoGenerosity helps you be generous as part of what you do every day, click below and book a quick demo with one of our team.

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When looking for a way to give back, GoGenerosity was the logical choice for us. We love the fact that 100% of what we pay forward goes to locals that need it and our customers get to be part of that story.

Operations Manager, The Kids’ Store

For charities

These days charities are facing increasing demand and this requires extra funding, effort and co-ordination. The GoGenerosity model enables and amplifies the great work you already do, so you can help more people with less time and money.

Instant access

Meet more demand easily through access to meals, clothing and more, just get in touch to find out how.

Reduce costs

Reduce the cost of running your organisation by funding goods and services for your community at no cost to you.

Save time

Spend less time finding and co-ordinating the supplies that help you meet the need and more time caring for your community.

Focus on what you do best

Have more time to focus on the work you love most, caring for the people and families in need.

Broaden your services

Give people in your community a sense of equality through access to things like beauty care and medical treatment.

Better use of donations  

When your costs are reduced the donations you receive go a lot further, helping you build a reputation for great financial management.

Amplify your generosity

If you’d like to hear more about how GoGenerosity can amplify the great work you’re already doing, click below, fill out our short form and one of our team will be in touch.

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We are able to help our clients in a really tangible and practical way and that's GoGenerosity making that happen.

Manager, Breast Cancer Support Services

“ The idea of GoGenerosity came to life during Covid-19 lockdown. We wanted to make it easy for everyday people, to give to those who need it most.

We could also see that charities needed more resources. Now through generous people paying it forward and smart tech, charities can get access to more resources, amplifying the great work they're doing. ”

Rohan McCloskey
GoGenerosity CEO