February 12, 2024

Australian Natural Soap Company: The essentials of life

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We don’t give them a second thought. Underwear? Smalls? Lingerie? Out of sight, out of mind. But not for some isolated and disadvantaged women in rural Australia for whom these are a privilege, not a right. You see, good fitting bras, undies and sanitary products are what all women need, not just those in affluent or urban societies. 

In a bid to help these disenfranchised women, Support the Girls was set up to not only provide these women with these basic essentials but also to give them self-respect and self-confidence. These fitted undergarments and products—so vital to women’s health needs—also ensure that these women are treated with dignity and respect, giving them greater confidence to go about their daily lives. 

Another humble product crucial for health and wellbeing is soap. We often take it for granted but miss it when it runs out. One soap-making company—the Australian Natural Soap Company (ANSC)—began as a small home-based cottage industry but has grown to supply stores all over Australia and the globe. But, their soaps are still hand made in Melbourne! The ANSC’s focus is on using pure and natural ingredients that are nourishing and safe for all skin types, so even those with sensitive skin and allergies can use them. 

ANSC also believes in giving back, so they often donate to charities around the country. One such recipient of ANSC’s generosity was Support the Girls, who were paid forward a $275 voucher for ANSC products. This gesture meant that another essential could be given to these women living in hardship in remote areas. Jane, from Support the Girls, said: “I saw the voucher come through. Just incredible!” Jane also thought GoGenerosity’s platform was amazing too so as to allow for such gift giving—we just feel humbled by all the generous people out there, Jane. 

When you next go shopping for essential supplies like soap, give the ANSC a try and add to your bill so that Support the Girls can continue to get the support that they need.

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