April 27, 2023

One stop shop

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When times are tough—mortgage rates rising, a lack of rental properties, food prices at an all-time high—it’s sometimes hard to know where to get help. What does one do?


One such organisation that is geared up to helping others is Kiwi Community Assistance or KCA for short. KCA acts as a “one stop distribution hub to local charities, foodbanks and community groups” in the Wellington region. KCA is a hub for donated food, clothing and other household items that are then sorted and distributed to charitable agencies working at the front line of needs in society. KCA’s ethos is to reduce inequality in the community and not have food and items go to waste when there are so many needy people in the community.


Chow Tory, a Wellington-based eatery at 45 Tory Street paid-it-forward 10 meals to KCA to be distributed to needy individuals. Like KCA, Chow Tory wants to offer a better future to these people.


Chow Tory specialises in Asian cuisine. They offer delectable delights like Salt and Pepper Squid, Crispy Pork Pancakes and Vegetable Jungle Curry. They also do express lunches six days per week if you’re on the run or only have a short lunch break at work. Their tasty dishes will keep you going through the afternoon until dinner time when you may want to return to Chow to view their dinner menu!


If you’re in a hurry or not, it’ll only take a minute to add a little to your bill at Chow Tory so that you, too, can be part of the pay-it-forwards. If you can’t commute to the capital, head on down to our marketplace to see other ways you can help out in the community.

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