January 16, 2023

Boosting elderly’s dinners

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For many of us meat is a dinner staple. Tasty sausages, maybe a few chicken pieces, some mince for a bolognaise… what a treat! But not everyone can afford such a luxury as meat these days.


Generous local butchers, Bethlehem Butchery, recently paid-forward $200 worth of meat to Age Concern in Tauranga. Age Concern is a not-for-profit organisation that works for the rights and well-being of older people (that’s those 65 years+). Volunteers come together to help in a variety of ways, like home visits, taxi services, and meat packs. Tanya, the Manager at Tauranga Age Concern, was really thankful for Bethlehem Butchery’s generosity.


Tanya and her helpers assembled the paid-forward goods into smaller meat packs, giving the recipients a good selection. Everyone received chicken drumsticks and sausages ready to boost their dinners. These meat packs make a huge difference to the recipients as sometimes meat is just too unaffordable, so it becomes a treat as opposed to a staple.


Tanya also said they hear of people in need through their volunteers that visit folk in their homes, or sometimes they give meat packs to those who walk into the Age Concern office.


The receivers of the meat packs are often "speechless" and "overwhelmed" at the kindness as it's never expected. A lot of older adults don't ask for help, especially when they really need it. 


To help support Age Concern and those they look after, add a little extra to your bill next time you’re in seeing Ben and his friendly crew at Bethlehem Butchery (235 SH2 in Bethlehem).

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