January 16, 2023

Z Energy fuels the older community

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$500 of fuel vouchers have been paid-forward by Z Energy and their customers to Age Concern Tauranga who do an amazing job of looking after older people in the Bay of Plenty. The best part is that it's so easy for you to be involved! Next time you fill up at Z, just tell the in store team your chosen pay-it-forward amount and they'll add that to your bill (it doesn't have to be a large amount, in-fact small amounts often can be much better). Z then pools all their customers pay-it-forwards and gives that amount of fuel to Age Concern for free, amplifying the good they're able to do in their local community and improving the lives of many older people who are so grateful for what Age Concern continues to do for them. You can also scroll down to the bottom of this story to see where else you can pay-it-forward for a better future.

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