January 16, 2023

Bread for hungry bellies

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Written by:

Megan Raynor

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There’s no smell more homely than fresh bread - especially if that bread has come from Elspeth Bakery. But for some of the families in our community the smell of fresh bread is far from their daily life. Putting food on the table every day can be hard work and may not be consistent. 

Kura Kai is part of the solution to that, supporting rangatahi and their whānau by providing access to meals via secondary schools. They currently have 34 schools around New Zealand which have freezers filled with food. However, to keep them full and replenish them as often as needed, they rely on the support of volunteers and generous businesses who provide meals.

Elspeth Bakery is one of those businesses. Through their generous customers' pay-it-forwards they provide Kura Kai with vouchers to come and get their baked goods whenever they need them. Recently this looked like $100 worth of bread collected to add to meals and fill the bellies of hungry families. Every item at Elspeth is made from scratch, daily, so having artisan bread alongside dinner probably felt like a treat too!

If you want to help fill more bellies while filling your own, pop into Elspeth at 2A Terrace Ave in Mount Maunganui and add a small amount onto your bill. Every 50c helps.

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