March 24, 2023

Keeping hunger pangs at bay

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Some young people are more hungry than others. Why? Because they don’t always have a decent and nutritious meal each day. This not only affects them physically but also influences their ability to concentrate or even stay on at secondary school.


Knowing this need, Kura Kai was set up to help feed these young ones to give them a better future. Kura Kai gives freezers to partnering secondary schools and then fills these with frozen meals that the schools then give out when they see young ones who could do with a healthy meal. Kura Kai do this for two reasons: to help students to stay on and complete their secondary school education so they are better qualified when they leave school, and also to help develop manaakitanga and caring for the community – the young ones that are helped are encouraged to keep a look out for others who may need help. And so the cycle continues. It’s a win-win situation!


Keeping the freezers stocked is an ongoing responsibility for Kura Kai, and they always appreciate some help, such as that from Eddie’s Brunch Parlour.

Eddie’s paid-it-forward 20 muffins to Kura Kai to help stock the freezers. Thanks Eddie’s!


Brunch is a meal that’s a combination of breakfast and lunch, but if you’re heading on down to Eddie’s Brunch Parlour, you can have brunch any time between 7 am and 3pm! Eddie’s is part of the Eddie’s and Elspeth’s café duo and can be found at 2A Terrace Ave in Mount Maunganui. It’s open seven days a week and can offer you a variety of dishes that include (amongst other things) eggs, grains, fruits and fritters to ward off hunger pangs until dinner time. When your appetite has been tamed, you can then add a little to your bill so that Eddie’s can continue the pay-it-forwards to Kura Kai.

Or, if you’re not local, head to our marketplace to see all the generous businesses near you.

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