August 23, 2023

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When faced with danger, people have a tendency to stand and face the threat (fight) or flee (flight). This is true for women and children caught up in abusive and violent relationships. Sometimes they can stand up to their abusers, but usually they need to leave the situation and often quickly and without clothes and toys for the little ones. They often have nowhere to go either.


Women’s Refuge was set up in New Zealand to offer these abused and frightened women and children a refuge that they can escape to—somewhere where they can be safe and begin the healing process. Women’s Refuge believes that women and children in Aotearoa have a right to live free from domestic and family violence. Such violence can be physical, sexual, psychological or economic, and can affect the victims’ health, wellbeing and dignity. Silently toiling in the background, Women’s Refuge workers work tirelessly to look after these vulnerable members of our community as well as doing research into abuse, advocating for victims and offering a 24-hour crisis-line.


In a bid to also help these women and children affected by domestic violence, Opal and Sage paid-it-forward $200 worth of their product to Women’s Refuge. Opal and Sage is a company dealing in crystals and crystal-based products, like candles and keyrings. Women’s Refuge was delighted with Opal and Sage’s generosity and had this to say: “We would like to thank Opal and Sage for their generous donation. The crystals are beautiful and gratefully received.”


Opal and Sage is based in Ruby Bay, near Nelson, but sends its products all over the country—why not check them out online? You can also add to the pay-it-forwards when you come to pay for your sparkling gems and products too.

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