January 11, 2024

Cleanery: Spring-cleaning anyone?

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Ever wondered how your recycling bins fill up so fast? Maybe it’s got something to do with cleaner and plastic waste. If you’re concerned about our overflowing landfills, why not consider using Cleanery’s eco-friendly cleaning products? 

Cleanery is a New Zealand company that came about because its founder, Mark, was all into sustainability and using less plastics—and this was in the 1990s when he was a teenager! From humble beginnings, Cleanery now produces a range of cleaning products in sachet format so that you just add water and … voila! You have a spray product that is clean and “green” but dangerous for dirt! They even sell the plastic spray bottles that you can use over and over again, meaning less waste for your recycling bins and our landfills. Meanwhile, their empty sachets can be recycled through the soft plastics recycling scheme. What could be better? 

Lots actually. You see, Cleanery are not only concerned about the physical environment but also the people in it. So, they generously paid-it-forward a $550 voucher for their products, including hand sanitisers, to Fair Food.

Fair Food is also into saving the planet but also into saving food. You see, not only do plastic and other waste products make their way to landfills but so does food—often good food that is still edible, nutritious and healthy. So, one of Fair Food’s roles is to collect surplus food from growers, manufacturers and retailers and resdistribute it to community organisations around Auckland. This way, good food is able to be eaten and enjoyed by those who may be facing financial or other hardships. In handling food, though, hygiene is important, so Fair Food were super grateful for Cleanery’s generosity. Maia, from Fair Food, said: “This is so exciting—thank you!! I’ve just placed the order 😊.” 

If you’ve a mind to do some cleaning, think about cleaning up the planet as well and purchase your products through Cleanery (you can buy them online). That way, you can also help them to help Fair Food in feeding Aucklanders.

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