January 17, 2023

More than a haircut

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Megan Raynor

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Haircuts are an instant pick-me-up. What’s better than being pampered, fussed over and encouraged to talk about yourself, before walking away looking like a better version of you?  For the kids at Homes of Hope - a charity who supports and cares for children who have been through trauma - it’s also a chance to have an experience they wouldn’t otherwise.

Homes of Hope are a foster care service based in Tauranga, who provide safe and loving homes where siblings can stay together, as well as therapeutic support for those tamariki. Their focus is on stability of care and making the kids feel loved - key factors that children need to flourish in life.

The cooler barbershop in town, Forty Thieves, pay-forward haircuts to the tamariki at Homes of Hope monthly. Each month the children from one of their three foster houses come to get their hair cut, cycling through the houses. This month two young boys had their turn, with two haircuts paid-forward.

This has started to become an outing with the house parents making an exciting afternoon of it. They’ll sometimes go to The Mount or a playground, or take food to picnic with after their haircut.

It shows how exciting something as simple as a haircut can be for our kids in need.

To help Forty Thieves provide more haircuts, Holland Beckett Law (a generous Bay of Plenty full-service law firm) supports them through monetary donations. These are combined with your pay-it-forwards so Forty Thieves can look after our tamariki each month.

‍If you need a barber with great cuts and great vibes, head to Forty Thieves at 204 Maunganui Road and pay-it-forward while you’re at it. You’ll walk out feeling as cool and generous as you look.

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