January 27, 2023

Making produce accessible

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Megan Raynor

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 “A staggering 45% of fresh produce never leaves the farm and goes straight into compost or, even worse, landfills. And this scary statistic is just because this perfectly edible produce is not so pretty, or too big or too small when compared to other perfect counterparts in the supermarket. These "ugly" foods are perfectly tasty, it is our food system that is imperfect.” - Perfectly Imperfect

As the price of produce skyrockets this kind of stat feels even more shocking. Many families are turning to frozen or canned produce to get them through. But Perfectly Imperfect are helping to make fresh options more accessible, by using the fruit and vegetables that would otherwise be thrown away. 

Perfectly Imperfect rescues the “ugly” produce that is still nutritious and edible and sells Mystery Boxes at reduced prices. They’re based in Auckland and offer their food boxes for pick up on set days of the week or can deliver (within the Auckland area).

As one of our business AND charity partners, Perfectly Imperfect works with us to pay-it-forward $100+ worth of fruit and vegetables every month to locals in need. That’s approximately 100 kg of fresh fruit and vegetables. This is made possible thanks to their generous customers pay-it-forwards.

Alongside this, Perfectly Imperfect continue their generosity by distributing another 200kg of food to those in need every week. That’s a LOT of nutritious food that would otherwise have gone to waste, now being eaten and enjoyed by people who wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Farewell frozen and canned, hello beautiful fresh goods!

If you’re in Auckland, check out Perfectly Imperfect as a way to reduce waste and costs, while accessing good food. Plus the option to pay-it-forward while you’re at it.

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