January 16, 2023

Rain Bar provides locals with 20 meals

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Our latest story is all about Papamoa local favourite, Rain Bar teaming up with Curate Cares to provide locals with 20 restaurant-quality meals to ease the burden of life being a little tough.

Curate Cares focuses on helping with addiction recovery and supporting families who don't have enough to meet their basic needs. Kindness in the form of things like these delicious meals, means there is one less thing to think about and healthy, filling meals to give energy and a sense of being equal.

You can be part of that generosity chain too! Next time you visit Rain Bar, or any of our other partners, think about saring your favourite experiences with someone less fortunate.

How? Simply tell their team your chosen pay-it-forward amount and they'll add it to your bill. Visit Rain Bars Generosity HUB to see how people just like you have paid forward their little bit and made a big difference in your local community.

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