January 27, 2023

Helping that special someone

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Ronald Reagan said, “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” That’s a call to action for those of us living in the Bay of Plenty! You see, there are lots of homeless and needy people in Tauranga who need help from the rest of us.


That’s where Under the Stars come in. They’re a charitable trust that offers home-cooked meals to those in need in Tauranga two times per week; Lunches on Thursdays and dinners on Saturdays. Over 100 people per week come for kai, company and companionship thanks to this incredible organisation.


Supporting this twice-weekly meal outreach is Elizabeth Café and Larder, based in Tauranga CBD. Elizabeth Café often pay-it-forward to Under the Stars, most recently generously providing 20 meals to be used for the Tauranga locals. 

Laura, the Operations Manager at Under the Stars, said: “It was perfect! Yummy pasta bake!” 

Assisting Elizabeth Cafe and their generous patrons were corporate partners S&L Land Specialists and Mike Greer Homes Tauranga, all wanting to do their best to offer a better future to others in the local community. They can’t help everyone, but they’re helping some, in this case through pasta bake.

Want to be part of this call to action? Simple! Just pay-it-forward an amount when you pay your bill at Elizabeth Cafe so that you can both be part of meeting needs in the Tauranga community.

Or, if you’re not a BOP local, head to our marketplace 👇 to see where you can pay-it-forward in your region.

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