January 16, 2023

Restoring self love

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Feeling good about yourself starts on the inside, but for the women Tauranga Women’s Refuge offer a haven for, it’s a much bigger task. The Women’s Refuge cares for hurting women and children who have been affected by family violence—both physical and emotional.

As part of this healing journey, SELF_ Mount Skin Community (and their customers) generously paid-forward a luxurious facial to one of these women. The SELF_ team knows that a facial is so much more than about looking good, it’s a restorative experience.

One of the caring staff at Women’s Refuge tells the story:

I recently supported a young lady at her appointment at SELF_ for a facial that was donated to our service. She was anxious to begin with, but also expressed that she has not treated herself for many years, as she is a mother and has been in a relationship that has not allowed her to love herself.

Staff member

Tauranga Womens Refuge

She added: “This facial was more than a facial for her. She told me it was healing. She cried on her way home. Tears of gratitude for being treated and cared for. She said it was the most beautiful treatment she's ever had & so nice to have someone treat her with love. Thank you 🙏"


We teared up at this feedback. It demonstrates the real impact of this gift from SELF_. 

SELF_ didn’t just offer a physical skin care treatment, they treated this woman in a way that told her she was loved, valued, and cared for. 


To help pay-it-forward more experiences like these to Tauranga Women’s Refuge, First Mortgage Trust (Tauranga) teamed up with SELF_ to pay-it-forward facial vouchers. They’re not just great at investments and property finance but have a great big heart too, so keep them in mind when you’re looking for investments or property finance. 


And, if you decide you need some pampering yourself, try out SELF_ at 321 Maunganui Road. When you do, why not add a small amount, even 50c or $1, to help pay-it-forward and care for the people in our community who need it the most.

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