May 26, 2023

Body, mind and spirit

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People are complex beings. We’re made up of body, which needs movement; soul, which needs nourishing; and spirit, which needs challenging. And we need to work on all three all the time! If one part goes off track, the rest of the body suffers. This is particularly true for those diagnosed with cancer.


Some people think cancer is a bodily thing, but our minds need help too when diagnosed, as does our spirit. Breast Cancer Support Service Tauranga (or BCSS for short) was set up to help breast cancer sufferers (both women and men) to cope with their diagnoses in a variety of ways. Their volunteers have been down the breast cancer road themselves, so they have a really good idea of how to support those who are still coming to terms with what the “c” word and what it means for them and their loved ones. BCSS can also help with practical needs like meals and even financial support to help ease the stress of the disease.


Also wanting to help with the body and mind recovery of breast cancer sufferers is The Pilates Fix, who are “mindful movement specialists” in Tauranga. They focus on movement for the body and stillness and peace for the spirit. Part of the ethos at The Pilates Fix is reaching out to the community to offer its members a better future, so they paid-it-forward pilates classes for nine breast cancer sufferers associated with BCSS. Gentle exercises are important for recovery and rehabilitation for breast cancer sufferers. Getting together with others who are going through the same cancer journey in such classes is also good for relationship building and easing the pain of loneliness that such a diagnosis can bring.


You can find The Pilates Fix at 12 Elizabeth Street in Tauranga. There, you can work with qualified instructors who will help you to fix any bodily issues or to get your pilates “fix” if you’re into movement and feeling good. Like Spark Business Hub Bay of Plenty pays-it-forward, you can too by adding a little to your class or subscription (even $1 or $2 can help) so that the pay-it-forwards can continue, and we can all help the hurting (both physically and emotionally) in our community.

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