July 31, 2023

The Snag Co: Filling hungry tummies

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Feeling hungry? What about if you’re feeling really hungry and have nowhere to cook a meal or no money to buy one? Where do you go?


If you’re in Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty, you could head to Under the Stars. Under the Stars began serving meals to the city’s homeless community in 2014 under the stars—that is, outdoors on a plastic table. But the name can also relate to their guests who often sleep under the stars as well.  Today, Under the Stars serves meals from their base at 45 Cliff Road in a building with a roof, but the name continues. The charitable trust serves lunches on Thursdays and dinners on Saturdays, and feeds over 100 people every week. People donate their time, food and other necessities to make sure that the homeless have a good meal to eat at least twice per week.


One of the companies that is assisting Under the Stars is The Snag Co., an artisan butchery that makes hand-made sausages. They pay-it-forward $200 worth of their meat products to Under the Stars every two months so that some of the needy Tauranga locals can have a home-cooked meal. The Snag Co. is based in Unit 6 at 5 Yorke Ave in Mount Maunganui and offers delectable delights like Spanish Chorizo, and Bacon, Chili and Maple sausages as well as Black Pudding and a variety of smoked, cured and fresh meats. Yum! Whether you’re wanting bangers and mash for dinner or an exotic meat for your next barbie (even in winter!), why not head down to The Snag Co.—you won’t be disappointed!


While you’re paying for your sausies (you can also buy online), think about adding a little to your bill so that the pay-it-forwards to Under the Stars can continue.

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