November 8, 2023

Ending period poverty

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For many of our women, girls & people who get their ikura, periods aren’t just a painful inconvenience, they’re a barrier to being able to go to work or school. The KidsCan 2018 survey found that 53% of the 7,700 people surveyed have found it difficult to afford sanitary items at some point, and 30% said they had to prioritise buying other items like food, over sanitary items. 

AWWA Period Care, a New Zealand-owned, female-owned menstrual underwear brand, provide people of all shapes, sizes, and identifiers with innovative, sustainable products to effectively manage their periods. 

From the beginning, a core part of their business has been the positive impact they can have through their brand. Aside from the sustainability benefits of their reusable underwear, founders Michele and Kylie have been on a mission to ensure “no individual with a period is forced to miss out on education or work due to having inadequate access to period products.” 

Through giving customers the opportunity to pay for underwear for someone else, their own contributions where they give 2% of their revenue (in product) to charities and schools every financial year, and their dedication to raising awareness of period poverty, they’re well and truly making a difference.

It’s not unusual for GoGenerosity business partners to already have a heart for doing good, or a model that they’re using to do that. That’s why our model resonates with them in the first place - because they truly want to make a difference in their local communities, in the best way they can. Our role is simply to help them do even more.

"We’ve only been on the platform for a month and have already seen how easy it makes doing good. Once we decided we wanted to add the Pay-it-forward app to our store, the rest was simple."


AWWA are such a beautiful example of amplifying the good that’s already there. By adding our Pay-it-forward widget to their checkout experience they give all customers the option to be part of this mission, without having to pay for the full price of underwear.

It’s an opportunity their customers have loved, with AWWA receiving a record-breaking number of pay-it-forwards in their first month. Their generous customers have paid-forward over $1,300 to be provided to Women’s Refuge as products. For many of the women and kids in the care of the refuge, money is tight after escaping domestic violence. By having access to reusable period care, they will have one less thing to worry about.

Thank you and well done to AWWA and their customers. We can’t wait to see the impact you continue to have on period poverty.

To get your own pair of AWWAs, head to their website here and add a small pay-it-forward donation while you’re checking out. Every bit counts.

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