February 10, 2023

Tory Street’s generosity cycle

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Offering a hand up, not a hand out. That’s what Kiwi Community Assistance (KCA) is all about. They are a group that redistributes surplus by receiving donations of excess food, clothing and household goods and passing them on to frontline charities in the greater Wellington region.

KCA were very grateful for the ten meals paid forward from Chow Tory, an Asian fusion restaurant at 45 Tory Street in Wellington. Acting as the go-between, KCA then gave the meals to the Compassion Soup Kitchen, also in Tory Street (at number 132).

Chow Tory is known for their wide range of mouth-watering Asian dishes for every taste and palate. So it’s unsurprising their ten meals were gratefully received by the Soup Kitchen.

The Soup Kitchen supports those who are often marginalised in society, like the poor, homeless, and those with mental health issues and addictions. They do this by offering food, clothing and other necessities. With a like-minded focus, the Soup Kitchen and KCA work well together to help their Wellington community.

So, if you want to be part of the paying-it-forward, add a little to your bill when dining at Chow Tory – even just $1 or $2 can help – helping Chow to continue paying-it-forward to those who need it most.

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