January 16, 2023

30 happy families

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Cooking a meal at the end of a long day feels hard. It’s another thing on the to do list, another item of mental load. For some however it’s even harder, because whether due to income or other pressures they don’t have enough food to put on the table.

Almost one in five children in New Zealand live in a food insecure household, meaning many of our youth are going to school hungry. This not only makes it hard to concentrate but means some of our teens are leaving education early to instead help support the family. Kura Kai are on a mission to change that, by putting chest freezers in secondary schools for rangatahi (youth) and their whānau (family) to take meals from as they need. 

This initiative relies on the generosity of volunteers and donated meals, which is where Latitude 37 comes in. A local Mount Maunganui fave, Latitude donated 30 gourmet freezer meals to Kura Kai to fill hungry bellies. 

This large number of meals was made possible by the pay-it-forwards of Latitudes generous customers, Latitude’s own top ups, and a donation from S&L Land Specialists (a surveying and civil engineering firm based here in Tauranga). 

Thank you for being so generous, we know there will be many grateful whānau as a result.

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