Want to make generosity part of your business?

Our product makes generosity easy, trackable and shareable.

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GoGenerosity is a pay-it-forward platform that makes generosity a seamless part of your business. If you provide goods or services, you could be a great fit.


Grow your business and your impact.

GoGenerosity enables customers to pay-forward small amounts on top of their bill, so you can do more good in your local community. Through our platform your good is trackable, shareable and authentic.

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Generosity made easy

Most businesses want to be generous, but don’t have the time or know where to start.

Share your Stories

Through your very own Generosity HUB, you'll be able to see and share all the stories that have come from you and your customers generosity.

Social Licence

Let your community know, that when they shop with you, they're part of paying-it-forward for a better future.

Increased Revenue

GoGenerosity donations are treated as sales revenue through your books.

A local story

GoGenerosity is about amplifying charities in your local community to make a difference.

Acquisition & retention

Attract new customers and retain existing customers by enabling them to be part of your generosity story.

A Global Future

Be part of a global future of circular Generosity

Team Engagement

Keep your team engaged by sharing your stories of generosity and showing them how, together, you made a difference.


Show your generosity

Your Generosity HUB is a custom dashboard, populated with all your pay-it-forward data, your charity partners and your stories of impact.

Designed around your business

Your Generosity HUB makes it easy to see impact of your generosity at a glance and share it with your customers and your community.

See your stories of impact

Your GoGenerosity HUB is populated with your own unique stories of impact, sharing how your distributions made a difference in real people's lives.

Generosity made easy everywhere

Whether your customers are paying-it-forward instore or online, we have the integrations to make generosity easy for you.


Physical Collateral

Let everyone know you're a generous business.


A Digital Dominance

Generosity HUB is designed for all devices so you can get a quick look at your story of generosity and easily arrange distributions.

The result of your generosity



of goods and services paid-forward by our generous business partners so far


women pampered


meals provided


kids clothed

GoGenerosity SVG Logo


people impacted


haircuts provided


Tonnes of Fuel provided

Person smiling


Tonnes of Fuel provided


practical workshops


vehicles fuelled


Tonnes of Fuel provided

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