July 31, 2023

Animals and people needing energy

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Animals can be welcome and caring companions for people. Looking after animals gives people a purpose and, in return, our four-legged friends can be great companions. They can be affectionate and loyal, and can also reduce loneliness. Petting animals can also meet the human need for touch.


But not all animals are looked after as they should be. And this is where RRR comes in. RRR stands for “Rescue. Revive. Rehome.” and is a not-for-profit organisation based in the Bay of Plenty whose volunteers travel around Aotearoa New Zealand, rescuing dogs, cats and even horses that have been mistreated. These generous helpers then nurse the animals back to health before finding people in the community who are willing to open their homes (or paddocks) for one of these pets. They’re like an animal adoption agency!


Because RRR’s volunteers travel far and wide to rescue these animals, they and the organisation can be up for some pretty hefty fuel bills. So, Z Energy paid-it-forward $500 worth of fuel vouchers to RRR to be given to their volunteers to help them in the work that they do. It’s a way of saying thank you and acknowledging the work that RRR do, not only in rescuing hurting animals but also in eventually helping the people in the community who adopt these animals. Everyone’s a winner here!


So, if you have a soft spot for our furry friends, think about adding a little extra to your bill next time you’re in at Z so that you, too, can add to the pay-it-forwards to RRR.

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