May 26, 2023

To be or not to be … pizza!

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Some people are closed books. They don’t like to reveal a lot about themselves or trust too many people, maybe because they’ve been hurt or no one has ever taken an interest in them before. Or perhaps they’re cautious because they’re shy or been abused. Some of these people are homeless too.


Under the Stars is a Tauranga charitable trust that was set up to help the homeless and needy in the Tauranga region. It provides meals twice per week—lunches on Thursdays and dinners on Saturdays—as well as extra bits and pieces like clothing and toiletries that many of us take for granted but are not always readily available for those with limited means. Under the Stars offers these folk a safe space where they are treated with dignity and respect … they’re big on karakia and table manners too!


Under the Stars could not operate without the help of its volunteers, who give of their time generously, and businesses who help out with food and essentials. One such outward looking business is The Pizza Library that paid-it-forward 17 meals to Under the Stars.


The Pizza Library Company has two outlets, but it was their Mount Maunganui store at 314 Maunganui Road that was working with Under the Stars.  Pizza Library has quite a selection of literary pizzas on offer from Narnia to Oliver Twist with up to three editions of extras like jalapenos and smoked salmon. They even offer a nod to the bard with a Hamlet on offer! This company really is an open book! It’s also on the lookout for ways to help others in the community to give them a better future.


Next time you’re wanting a meal out or even some takeaways, head on down to The Pizza Library and add a little to your bill when you come to pay to help out with the pay-it-forwards. If everyone gives a little, we can all help a lot. Especially when your pay-it-forward is added to those from, Mount Main Street, Holland Beckett Law and CSC Buying Group, three generous businesses who pay-it-forward monthly to help feed the hungry in our community.

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