December 20, 2023

Australian Natural Soap Co: Support where it’s needed

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When women are in need, their dignity, respect and self-confidence often slip away. In Australia and elsewhere, women who are facing financial problems, homelessness, domestic violence, loss of a loved one or other issues over which they have no control mean they forget about themselves and their own needs to look after their loved ones. 

And these needs are often very basic ones. Think bras, underwear and sanitary products—all essentials for women. This is where Support the Girls comes in. Support the Girls was set up to not only provide needy Australian women with these products but to also empower them in the process, allowing them a measure of self-respect and self-belief. Support the Girls also distributes toiletries. Plus, it holds community outreach events, especially for rural women, so they can have social connection as well as have some of their personal needs met. The spin-off of Support the Girls’ service is a reduction in mental health issues and generational trauma. Who would have thought that such basic kindness could have such far-reaching effects? 

To assist Support the Girls in their quest to give Australian women a better future, the Australian Natural Soap Co (ANSC) paid-it-forward a $275 voucher for their products to be distributed to these needy and lovely ladies. The ANSC also deals in an essential human need—soap. The difference is that their soaps are hand-made from all natural ingredients—they’re vegan, and cruelty and palm oil free! The company uses the finest plant oils for their soaps and essential oils for their fragrances, and they also have kitchen and laundry soap products and a range for your pets. You can buy ANSC products online. Not only are their products ethically sound, but ANSC also believes in giving back to the community, so paying-it-forward to Support the Girls seemed like another natural thing to do. 

Next time you’re out shopping for your feminine needs—including soap—consider how you can also help to impact the lives of women who cannot afford and access such essentials by supporting ANSC in their bid to help Support the Girls.

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