January 16, 2023

Chow feeds Sweet Louise families

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What's Sweet Louise you ask? They're an amazing NZ charity who support people with incurable breast cancer 💕 They make a difference to over 730 people and their families by helping them connect, giving them access to support coordinators and also helping them with the practicalities of living with cancer by giving them food, fuel and other vouchers that lighten their mental and financial load in a stressful time. And that's where Chow Restaurant and their generous customers come in. Thanks to their collective generosity, the Chow team have been able to pay-forward 10 restaurant quality meals for deserving Sweet Louises families to enjoy together.

Tracy from Sweet Louise said, "It's so helpful for them to know they don't have to spend precious energy thinking about or making dinner. We're absolutely blown away and are so thankful you approached us about this." She also mentioned that the vegetarian food was so delicious and they were so happy with the generous portions.

She carried on to say that the people and their families who are supported are often on chemo or other drugs and have sometimes had to give up work which makes supporting their families very difficult, especially if they have school age children and large families. These people often feel very alone and isolated - friends and family are great support when they are initially diagnosed, but after the initial shock some people can be battling a terminal diagnosis for two to five years and they can be very up and down and a lot of people don't understand that, especially because they can look healthy and well physically. So these meals are a great way to say don't worry about dinner, there are people out there who genuinely care and want the best for you. "I can't understate what a lift it is to people's spirits to know people care. We are so, so grateful."

So we want to say a huge thanks to Chow's generous customers who have made a huge difference in these peoples lives, and if Chow isn't your local, check out our Business Marketplace below to see where else you can pay-it-forward.

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