May 29, 2023

Being sincere

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Being true to yourself means being honest and sincere. It also means taking care of yourselves, other people and the planet—and not always in that order.


Honest Skincare is a New Zealand-based skincare company that uses locally grown ingredients like kawakawa and avocado to make their skin care range good for the skin as well as the planet. They are also focused on ethical work practices so that they can care for others as well. They also try to keep their use of plastic (for packaging) to a minimum so as to cut down on waste. These values are reflected in the truthful brand, “Honest Skincare.”


Taking care of skin is also part of taking care of those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. You see, such natural products are great for people recovering from surgery or treatment that upsets the natural body rhythms and needs. One such organisation that is purely focused on looking after breast cancer sufferers is Breast Cancer Support Tauranga (BCSS). So, BCSS were truly grateful when Honest Skincare paid-it-forward a $400 voucher to them to be distributed to their clients. BCSS reflected: “These beautiful skincare products are a real treat for us to give to clients who are going through breast cancer treatment. At a time that is so difficult for many women, Honest Skincare have made them feel cared for. That's special.” A little pampering goes a long way in the cancer journey.


If you also want to be kind to yourself, why not order some of Honest Skincare’s range of products and add a little to your bill at the checkout so that they can continue to support BCSS.

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