January 16, 2023

Relieving anxiety through facials

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Written by:

Megan Raynor

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A moment to relax, to be pampered and to clear the mind in a tranquil setting. Sounds pretty good right? For those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, any respite from the stress and anxiety that often follows diagnosis is welcomed.

SELF_and Breast Cancer Support Services Tauranga Trust (BCSS) came together to make this possible for one of the women BCSS support.

BCSS employs support workers who have been through breast cancer themselves, helping those newly diagnosed to navigate breast cancer through counselling, dinner deliveries, group support and more.

Through SELF_ they also provide opportunities for pampering, to relax and have a moment of being cared for. 

Thanks to the generous pay-it-forwards of their clients and their corporate partner First Mortgage Trust, SELF_ recently paid-forward a luxury 60 minute facial (valued at $150) to one of these women in BCSS’s care.

As a luxury skincare spa in Mount Maunganui, SELF_ knows the power of making women feel pampered. With each facial they create a space of peace, using personalised aromatherapy scents for each client and catering products to their needs. Sounds like the perfect moment of soothing for those who need it most.

In the recipient's own words: “It was amazing and very well thought out, relaxing with deep breathing techniques. Thank you so much it was a marvellous treat”

If you’re in need of some specialised skincare in a relaxing setting, head to SELF_.  When you do, why not add a small amount, even 50c or $1, to help pay-it-forward and care for the people in our community who need it the most.

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