January 16, 2023

Happiness through beauty treatment

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Every new story of generosity sent to us is such an exciting thing. There is nothing better than seeing how your generosity, together with our business and charity partners, has come together to not only make a material difference to local people in need, but an emotional and psychological one too. Where this is most visible for us is when people receive generosity that is over and above what they expect. Maybe a meal that is restaurant quality or services that aren't accessible normally, like dental care and things that are considered a treat like beauty therapy. Our most recent story is an awesome example of this.

A local lady who has been attending the free lunches provided by Tauranga charity, Under the Stars, was nominated to receive a free beauty treatment. Thanks to Nicky and the team at Features inc, she was treated to a facial and this was her response after the treatment. "Well at first i was nervous, not once in my life have I ever been to or with anyone to a Beauty therapist facial experience, ever. But in saying that, the beautiful woman that served me was absolutely adorable, she made me feel so fresh with calm relaxing touches of experience that made me feel at my happiest and soo alive. Very much grateful."

"...that made me feel at my happiest and soo alive. Very much grateful."

Stories like this are the reason we do what we do, it's a beautiful thing to see your generosity give people a sense of dignity and help people see a better future for themselves. Big shout out to Under the Stars for caring for their community and partnering with Features Inc and their customers to pay-it-forward for a better future.

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Our pay-it-forward model is simple, it allows you to pay-it-forward on top of your bill at our business partner stores. These businesses then collect all their customers donations and use this to give their products/services to charities who get that to local people who need it most.

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