February 12, 2024

brands.co.nz: Shopping by New Zealanders for New Zealanders

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The latest trend in retail is online shopping, and there’s one New Zealand-owned company—brands.co.nz—that is dedicated to offering New Zealand women a quick and easy way to purchase their favourite cosmetics and perfumes. They’re a family business based in the Hawkes Bay and have made it their mission to source the best deals on products for Kiwi women nationwide. They have lipsticks and lotions and mascaras and masks. They even sell pregnancy kits! And they also offer great deals on all their products. 

Because brands.co.nz is in the beauty business, they really understand the importance of looking and feeling good. So, they paid-it-forward $850 (yup, $850!) worth of their products to Look Good Feel Better. 

Look Good Feel Better (LGFB) is also in the beauty business, helping to make women cancer patients look and feel better about themselves. With all the medical interventions that cancer sufferers have to endure, they often lose sight of who they once were as a person. Their world, and self-confidence and self-esteem are rocked by the “C” diagnosis, and it’s often hard to know where to get help. 

This is where LGFB comes in to offer skincare and make-up classes to help bring a bit of normality back to the lives of cancer sufferers. LGFB also offers Expert Q&A sessions for folk to ask about issues to do with their disease, and there are also videos and podcasts with helpful tips and information—anything from where to buy a wig (and how to wear it) to how to tie a scarf to make a woman feel glamorous and feminine, despite having no hair. The voucher from brands.co.nz was a welcome gift for many women associated with LGFB. Clare from LGFB said, “Thank you, thank you, very much. That is so fabulous!” Clare also thanked us here at GoGenerosity for making such gifts possible. That’s great Clare, but all the kudos belongs to brands.co.nz. 

Having a bad hair day? Think about the LGFB women and consider adding to your bill when you come to buy your beauty products online at brands.co.nz.

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