January 16, 2023

Caring from the inside, out

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Warm food in your belly feels like a hug from the inside. It shows care, provides nourishment and makes you feel good. Now imagine putting warm food in the bellies of 100+ people per week - that’s a lot of hugs! But that’s what Under the Stars does every week.


Providing belly hugs through nourishing meals and the opportunity to mix socially is the basis of what Under the Stars do. They’re a charitable trust that serves meals to the homeless and needy in Tauranga twice a week, promoting kindness and compassion and treating all their guests with dignity and respect.

Being a charity, Under the Stars relies on the generosity of community donations, including the volunteers that cook and serve the meals twice weekly. So, they were super grateful to Matua Cafe for paying-it-forward 10 meals to help them out. 


Located on Levers Road in Matua, Matua Cafe has delicious meals, coffee (and other beverages) as well as yummy cabinet food – their pies and sausage rolls are a real treat!


If you want to be part of the pay-it-forward action of helping charities like Under the Stars, why not add even 50c or $1 to your bill when enjoying a treat at Matua Cafe? It’s an easy way to make our locals in need feel cared for, inside and out. 

If you’re not a Matua local, head to our marketplace to see other business partners you can pay-it-forward at.

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