April 27, 2023

Our daily bread

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They say that bakers make the world smell better. Many of us may savour the mouth-watering smell of fresh-baked bread, then break off crusty bits and slather them with butter and jam … or perhaps marmite! Bread can be eaten freshly baked, toasted or even turned into puddings. Bread surely is a staple in our New Zealand diets.


Elspeth, a bakery at 2A Terrace Avenue in Mount Maunganui, is in the business of baking bread (and other yummy goodies!). They are open six days per week and entice customers with creative ways to bake breads, cakes and pastries!


Knowing the importance of bread, Elspeth paid-it-forward a $65 voucher to Kura Kai to be used for their bakery products. You see, Kura Kai is also in the business of supplying bread—daily bread in a manner of speaking—to our rangatahi (young people). Kura Kai works with partnering secondary schools around the country, supplying the schools with chest freezers that are then stocked with meals (and bread) to give to needy students and their whanau. Kura Kai believes that doing so will help our rangatahi to stay on at school and complete their education, helping to ensure they have a better future in their adult years. Such generosity from Elspeth is always appreciated by Kura Kai.


Corporate partner, HospoConnect, a wholesale food and beverage supplier whose mantra is “Less paperwork, more foodwork”, were also in on the generosity action with Elspeth.


So, if you’re in the mood for a baguette or a sourdough loaf (or perhaps a croissant or a Danish), head on down to Elspeth—and don’t forget to add a little to your bill (even $1 or $2) to help with the pay-it-forwards to Kura Kai.

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