January 16, 2023

Elspeth Bakery is feeding kids in need

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Elspeth Bakery. You would have heard of it. They use “the finest ingredients from select suppliers to achieve exquisite tasting baked goods for you to enjoy.” They share a space with Eddies at 2A Terrace Ave in Mount Maunganui and pledge to make “artisanal baking with a modern twist.” You can buy their delicacies like croissants, mille feuilles and savoury scones to delight your taste buds. You can even buy online! And when you do, you can add a little extra to your bill that can be paid-forward to others in need because Elspeth’s is one of GoGenerosity’s ecommerce partners. How easy is that?! Elspeth’s also makes focaccia loaves and they’ve paid-forward $75 worth of these to Kura Kai.


This is where the story really gets interesting! You see, although Kura Kai aims to help in-need secondary school students and their families with frozen home-cooked meals, this time they themselves were paying-forward the loaves and some extra bakery products (that Kura Kai paid for themselves) to the Volunteer Scouts Leaders who had previously helped Kura Kai. 

Marie, from Kura Kai, explains: “Our Kura Kai motto is ‘Caring for our Community,’ and the Mauao Scouts Group did a huge cook up for Kura Kai during our Matariki campaign (150 servings), so it’s nice to give back. Often the leaders are overlooked and pour so much energy in. Generosity/Manaakitanga moves in circles—what comes around, goes around, aye!”


We also believe that the more generosity we show, the more it can grow. This cycle of Elspeth—Kura Kai—Mauao Scout Group volunteer leaders—and back again is just one example of gifts being amplified and multiplied. You, too, could be part of this chain of giving by paying-it-forward at any of our partners stores, linked below. 


Marie added:  "Those loaves are beautiful! They're so nice."


The Scout Group volunteers, who received the bakery treats on the troop’s Volunteer Appreciation Day, were amazed and thankful: “They were really excited” and said the gesture—unexpected but gratefully received—"was really thoughtful.”

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