January 16, 2023

Delicious pizza for locals in need

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Hey Brooklyn locals, if you've paid it forward this month, thank you!

Thanks to your generosity, something you love, Brooklyns legendary pizzas, have now been shared with hungry locals. Not only are these local people fed, but they also experience high quality food that really makes them feel valued.

You're little bit was pooled together with everyone else's little bit to be able to make 10 meals for the beautiful volunteers and workers at Under the Stars Tauranga to give to those that need them most.

Next time you're in Tauranga and feel like treating yourself to some Brooklyn pizza 🍕 don't forget you can also treat someone else by paying-it-forward any amount you choose. You can see the huge impact that small amounts often can make, by checking out GoGenerosity's overall impact here.

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