January 16, 2023

Where community begins - Agora Cafe

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Agora Café in Hamilton is a great place for a coffee and one of their specialty dishes—eggs benedict; yum!

You can find them at 13B Kent Street “where community begins”.

You see, Agora Café is not just in the hospitality business, they are also in the paying-it-forward business, just like GoGenerosity. They even use their “tips” jar to help those in need, so do remember this when you have spare change when buying your coffee at Agora Café.


But that’s not all. Agora Café have also given away 20 scrumptious meals to two worthy causes: True Colours Children’s Health Trust and The Serve. The True Colours Children’s Health Trust is also based in Hamilton and was set up to help and support families who were facing the agonising trauma of having children with a chronic, life-limiting or life-threatening illness. The holistic care that the True Colours Children’s Health Trust offers to grieving families also involves offering meals, and this is where Agora Café came in.  The True Colours Children’s Health Trust understands that when a child has a serious condition or illness, all the family is affected, so their aim is to offer support to as many such Waikato families as they can.


Agora Café also donated meals to The Serve in Hamilton. The Serve does just that—it serves the community. They do this literally by serving meals to the homeless, the underprivileged, and those in financial difficulties—and they serve these meals every single day! People often come back repeatedly for The Serve’s nourishing food. The Serve began in 2014 and saw a need—to feed the hungry—and set about meeting that need.  Agora Café has helped The Serve in meeting their aim to feed those who cannot always access such meals.


Agora Café has been partnering with GoGenerosity for a while now. Did you know that they have given away over 2,600 meals so far in 2022? See all of their stats in their HUB here. Let’s all help Agora Café as they pay-it-forward and help others in the Waikato region.

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