January 16, 2023

Z vouchers for cancer treatment clients

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Thank you generous Z Energy customers 🎉 because of your many small pay-it-forward donations, all pooled together, Breast Cancer Support Services Tauranga (BCSS) was able to give Z vouchers to their clients who are going through treatment 💝

"Its huge for people. Often they wouldn't even be able to put $50 in their vehicles. It really relieves the pressure." - Helen, Breast Cancer Support Services

As Helen mentioned, going through treatment for breast cancer can be huge burden for most people. Clients are still facing every day troubles on top of their treatments, which means they often can't continue with work which makes finances really tight. BCSS gives these vouchers to their clients when they are in the middle of treatments, and it's so appreciated because many of their clients have a big drive to Tauranga from as far as Maketu and Waihi Beach.

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