January 16, 2023

Hope through pizza

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Hope, encouragement and a hearty meal. Three things we all need to keep us cheerful. Thanks to the generosity of Rotorua Social Club and Feeding Rotorua, locals in need were able to experience all three, through pizza and community care.  

Rotorua Social Club (1160 Amohia Street, Rotorua) is a cafe, restaurant, tapas bar and events venue with a fun social vibe. Alongside their drinks and delicious food, they also happen to be community-focused and eager to help those in need.

They recently paid-it-forward 20 of their scrumptious pizzas to Feeding Rotorua. This charitable trust was set up to feed the homeless and the displaced people of Rotorua. They also offer hope and encouragement by showing love in practical ways, like offering those in need a hearty meal. 

Being a Trust, Feeding Rotorua relies on the generosity of others like Rotorua Social Club and their customers in their quest to offer a better future to Rotorua citizens.


Feeding Rotorua had this to say: “There were a variety of pizzas and each one was simply lovely. The staff were helpful and polite.”


Working alongside Rotorua Social Club to provide more pay-it-forwards is HospoConnect. They supply restaurants with the ingredients and equipment the chefs need to create amazing delicacies that tingle our tastebuds. HospoConnect is a New Zealand company that—like the people of Rotorua—love food!


If you’re in Rotorua and want to socialise as well as eat, head over to Rotorua Social Club and maybe think about adding to your bill so that they can keep paying-it-forward to Feeding Rotorua. They’re open from 8am until 1am and, as we’ve heard, they do a mean pizza.

Or, if you’re not in Rotorua, check out our other generous businesses to see where you can pay-it-forward.

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