July 24, 2023

Food for learning

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Written by:

Megan Raynor

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Can you concentrate when you're hungry? In our own experience it’s very hard to! Yet for some of our rangatahi (youth) this is a common feeling, with almost one in five children in New Zealand living in a food insecure household, meaning many of our youth are going to school hungry. That’s where Mount Social Club comes in.


Mount Social Club paid-forward 14 meals to Kura Kai - a charity who help alleviate food insecurity in our local communities, with a focus on our youth and their families.


Kura Kai takes these meals and puts them in freezers at secondary schools, providing a safe and easy way for students and whānau in need to get access to nutritious food.


‍To help Mount Social Club’s generosity go further, First Mortgage Trust paid-it-forward, allowing them to make even more meals for Kura Kai.


If you want to help support locals in need, head to our marketplace to see where you can pay-it-forward. All of the small amounts paid-forward are added up to provide goods or services to those who need them most - even 20 cents helps.

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