January 16, 2023

Food is a love language

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Megan Raynor

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Food has long been linked to love. It’s nourishment, it’s pleasure and when prepared for you it’s often a sign of care and nurturing. For parents with sick children, a prepared meal is more than just a relief; it's a chance for them to be looked after too.

Agora Cafe in Hamilton knows all about food being love. They’re a cafe with heart, who frequently pay-it-forward meals and coffees to local charities thanks to both their generous customers and their own donations.

They paid-forward 15 meals to True Colours Children's Health Trust, an organisation who support families whose kids have chronic, life-altering or life-shortening illnesses. 

In such a time of turmoil having nourishing meals ready for them at the end of the day is a huge help.

“Working with GoGenerosity has been great. It's really awesome that we can provide meals to families who are really struggling. When there's a sick child in the house there are lots of other issues that they’re dealing with and financially it can be pretty tough. At the moment I can think of two single mothers who are on their own with children with really compromised health so it's really wonderful we can partner with GoGenerosity and Agora and give them meals which really helps out now and again.”


Operations Manager, True Colours

A huge thank you to both Agora and True Colours for the support they give these families. It’s so heartwarming to see people caring for one another, especially in such a hard time.

If you’d like to pay-forward some love and care too, head to Agora for one of their delicious Raspberry Blondies and add a small amount to your bill. Or, if you're not a Waikato local, head to our marketplace to find generous businesses in your region.

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