January 16, 2023

Generosity is part of our General life

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The General, to be found at at 19B Pacific Avenue in Mount Maunganui, is a café and eatery that “serves up goodness from scratch daily.” They are a family-owned and operated business that delivers quality food (and coffee and other beverages!) with a smile; they want their customers to have a great dining and drinking experience—every time! Do call in to The General next time you are at the Mount.

For some people though, life is not so much fun. These include children whose lives have been affected by trauma in the home so they cannot live there anymore and need to go into foster care.

In Tauranga, Homes of Hope is a charity that aims to find safe refuges for these children and “provide safe, loving homes where brothers and sisters in care together can stay together.”

Some of you may be foster carers, helping these children in our community to be settled in homes where they are protected and loved. Thank you! Being a charity, Homes of Hope relies on donations from people like you and us—and businesses too. The General is one such business. Them and their generous customers have assisted Homes of Hope by donating 20 of their delicious meals to the children and their foster families so that they can enjoy a café-style treat.


Paying-it-forward like this, The General is an example of people from all walks of life working together for the greater good of the community. Homes of Hope is grateful for their generosity, as are the Homes of Hope children and their carers. We are too.

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