January 16, 2023

Nominating deserving local people for Koha

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If you're reading from around the world, you may never have even heard the term koha. Koha is a maori word meaning - gift, present, offering, donation, contribution - especially one maintaining social relationships and has connotations of reciprocity....it is a beautiful concept that is so aligned to paying-it-forward.

Now all our readers have this context, what's the Koha dinner? The Koha dinner is The Atrium Cafe's, in Otumoetai Tauranga, way of giving back to those in need in their local community. They encourage their customers to nominate local people they know who are doing it tough, so they can receive restaurant quality meals and have a night off from worrying about what and how they're going to put food on the table for their families on a monthly basis.

It's not just The Atrium being generous though, they've partnered with GoGenerosity to allow cafe customers to pay-it-forward on top of their everyday cafe bills. These pay-it-forward donations are pooled together and used to help pay for meals at the Koha Dinner and get restaurant quality meals to people who can't attend the dinner in person.

It's incredible to see what an important community event the Koha Dinners have become. We already have so many stories of how local families and individuals in need have been impacted. These meals don't just bring food for hungry tummy's, they also help bring joy,  give people a sense of dignity, encourages them and lend a hand to get people out of the situations they are in. These meals truly re-inforce strength and resilience in families going through tough times.

Because there are so many stories of impact from the Koha dinners we've separated a few of the best stories out and created a clickable list below.

Enjoy the read and please pop in to the Atrium and pay-forward your little bit to help local people enjoy a meal.

Enjoy the read and please pop in to the Atrium and pay-forward your little bit to help local people enjoy a meal.

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