March 31, 2023

Food is a treasure

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One person's excess can be another's necessity, and that rings true when it comes to surplus food. Unfortunately, there is often an abundance of good quality food that goes to waste, which could otherwise be distributed to those in need.

Kiwi Community Assistance (KCA), located in Wellington, recognises the importance of sustainability and the needs of the local community. They have become a central hub for collecting and redistributing surplus food and goods to frontline charities in the region, to ensure that those in need are being supported. The process involves collecting food and goods from designated KCA depots in the Wellington area, sorting them, and then fulfilling orders placed by charitable agencies. Generous KCA volunteers then make up these orders, which are distributed to those in need.

Chow Tory, a delicious Asian cuisine, Wellington-based, restaurant has also demonstrated their community-mindedness by donating 10 frozen meals to KCA for distribution to those in need. 

If you're a Wellingtonian, you may consider adding a small amount to your bill at Chow (even $1 or $2) to help with paying-it-forward.

 For those living outside of the area, you can check out our marketplace to also contribute to helping others in need.

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