February 24, 2023

Helping the homeless

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When you’ve had a tough day, food can be comforting. But when you’re having a tough week, month, or year, food isn’t always available to help. This is unfortunately the case for many of the homeless in our community.

Here to help the homeless and in need men of Hamilton is the Waikato Men’s Shelter (Te Whare Korowai Taangata o Kirikiriroa). The Men’s Shelter was set up to do just that – offer shelter (and food, comfort and company) to men in the city who have nowhere else to go.  Night shelters are often a last resort, and the Men’s Shelter in Hamilton is no exception. That said, their beds are sadly always full.

To help these men feel comforted, Hazel Hayes Cafe and Catering paid-it-forward $100 worth of meals, including beef sliders, potato salad and fruit salad. The volunteers at the shelter and their guests were very grateful for Hazel Hayes’ generosity. It’s kindness like this that helps restore dignity and shows these men that people care about them.

To help Hazel Hayes generosity go further, Designwell (a fellow Hamilton business specialising in spacial and graphic design) added an generous pay-it-forward to contribute to the food. 

Eager to be part of this kind of story? When you’re next at Hazel Hayes, add a little to your bill so that they (and you) can keep helping the men at the Shelter, one meal at a time.

Or if you’re not a Hamiltonian, head to our marketplace to see other generous businesses.

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