March 20, 2023

Master kitchen

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Food insecurity is a harsh reality for a significant number of students around our country. In an effort to address this pressing issue, Kura Kai has taken the initiative to stock freezers in schools with healthy, nutritious meals. 

By providing easy access to food, Kura Kai aims to support students and ensure that they have the nourishment they need to thrive and concentrate at school. The young ones are also encouraged to look out for others in need so as to spread the manaakitanga (generosity and care for others).

But to be able to do this they rely on the generosity of local businesses and volunteers to fill the freezers. One of these local generous businesses is Master Kong in Mount Maunganui.

They recently paid-it-forward 30 frozen meals to Kura Kai, to help these students and their whānau.

To help Master Kong’s customers' generosity go further, Mount Mainstreet, the Mount Maunganui business association, was added a pay-it-forward on top. This meant even more meals could be created for the students.

If you’re keen on helping, and also keen on good food, why not head on down to Master Kong in Mount Maunganui? You’ll be tempted by their bao buns, dumplings and Kong specialties like Firecracker Chicken (that sounds hot!). They also do set banquets if you can’t decide what you want to sample.

Just add even a small amount to your bill—just $1 or $2 can help—to be part of the paying-it-forward action.

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